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Bred Any Good Rooks Lately?

A Collection of Puns, Shaggy Dogs, Spoonerisms, Foghoots and Malappropriate Stories

by James Charlton and Mary Kornblum (Illustrator)

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Book Review

A collection of corny, punning short stories. A brilliant addition to the bookshelf of anyone who enjoys amusing tales, spoonerisms, and shaggy dog stories. Bred Any Good Rooks Lately? features the work of the following authors: Stephen King, Donald Hall, John D. MacDonald, Roy Blount, Jr., William Eastlake, George Garrett, Anne Bernays, Stephen Birmingham, Elizabeth Tallent, W. D. Snodgrass, Mark Harris, Robert Terrall, Freida Arkin, Donald Honig, Lawrence Block, Willard Espy, Richard Schickel, William Cole, George Cuomo, Thomas M. Disch, Grendel Briarton, Madeleine L'Engle, Max Wilk, Bette Greene, Isaac Asimov, Richard Elman, Joe W. Haldeman, Annie Dillard, David Slavitt, Frederik Pohl, X. J. Kennedy, Charles Webb, Robert Bloch, Brock Brower, Peter Straub, Tom Clark, Hannah Green, Walter Redfern, Robert Cantwell, William Thompson, Mark Strand, W. P. Kinsella, Joel Oppenheimer, and Donald E. Westlake.

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