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- F -

 "I'm trying to get some air circulating under the roof," said Tom fanatically. 
 "There's a high charge for supporters travelling by coach," said Tom with considerable fanfare. 
 "Ein, zwei, drei, fünf," said Tom fearlessly. 
 "The policeman charged me twenty bucks for speeding," said Tom finally. 
 "This steamroller is amazing," said Tom flatteringly. 
 "I'm falling into a void," said Tom flawlessly. 
 "I've joined the navy," Tom said fleetingly. 
 "Watch this insect sail through the air," said Tom flippantly. 
 "I have three houses, and I'm going to buy another," said Tom forebodingly. 
 "I'm about to hit the golf ball," Tom forewarned. 
 "I won't finish in fifth place," Tom held forth. 
 "Ignore the first three turnings," directed Tom forthrightly. 
 "I bought myself fifty hamburgers and I've only ten left," said Tom with fortitude. 
 "I have a split personality," said Tom, being frank. 
 "We have no oranges," Tom said fruitlessly.  

- G -

 "That young insect is female," said Tom gallantly. 
 "I was absolutely vitrified," said Tom with a glazed look. 
 "Someone bumped into me while I was brushing my teeth," said Tom with a gleam in his eye. 
 "This food tastes of plutonium," said Tom glowingly. 
 "For what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful," said Tom gracefully. 
 "Would anyone like some Parmesan?" asked Tom gratingly. 
 "Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess," Tom began grimly. 
 "I've got sand in my dinner," said Tom grittily. 
 "It's become much bigger," said Tom with a groan. 
 "I can eat one hundred and forty-four," Tom boasted grossly. 
 "This game is foul," Tom groused. 
 "I'm a lot taller than I was yesterday," said Tom gruesomely. 
 "You must be my host," Tom guessed. 
 "It's just gold leaf," said Tom guiltily. 
 "I like Germany," was Tom's gut reaction. 

- H -

 "The doctor had to remove my left ventricle," said Tom half-heartedly. 
 "I can't march any more!" the soldier called haltingly. 
 "I've still got two fingers left," said Tom handsomely. 
 "I only have diamonds, clubs and spades," said Tom heartlessly. 
 "I've gained thirty pounds," said Tom heavily. 
 "It's my maid's night off," said Tom helplessly. 
 "I was the first to climb Mount Everest," said Tom hilariously. 
 "Nay!" said Tom hoarsely. 
 "I have to keep these eggs warm," Tom said honestly. 
 "The doctor had to remove a bone from my arm," said Tom humorlessly. 
 "I cut off the bottoms of my Levis so they won't drag on the ground," said Tom hygienically. 
 "Boy, that's an ugly hippopotamus!" said Tom hypocritically. 
 "Doctor, why do you have to remove my womb?" asked Mary hysterically. 

- I -

 "I see," said Tom icily. 
 "Pass the playing cards," said Tom ideally. 
 "That is a sick bird," said Tom illegally. 
 "There's nothing wrong with demons," Tom said implicitly. 
 "This bird hasn't got a beak," said Tom impeccably. 
 "I brush my teeth several times a day," said Tom implacably. 
 "That little devil didn't tell the truth," Tom implied. 
 "I'm burning aromatic substances," said Tom, incensed. 
 "He's a boring chap," said Tom indulgently. 
 "Can I become a chorister?" Tom inquired. 
 "I'm swimming in the middle of Paris!" shouted Tom insanely. 
 "I'm not leaving the chapel until I finish this painting," said Michelangelo insistently. 
 "I've borrowed my sister's camping gear," said Tom insistently. 
 "I like camping," said Tom intently. 
 "It's my personal magnetism," said Tom ironically. 

- J -

 "Your Honour, you're crazy!" said Tom judgmentally. 
 "The insect in William's hand is wearing a yarmulka!" said Tom jubilantly. 
 "Let's eat kosher tonight," said Tom judiciously. 
 "I like ragged margins," said Tom without justification. 

- K -

 "My parents are called Billy and Nanny," Tom kidded. 
 "I've run out of wool," said Tom, knitting his brow. 
 "I wonder if this will unlock the palace gates," said Tom kinkily. 

- L -

 "I have no recollection of the last twenty-four hours," said Tom lackadaisically. 
 "No ellipses, parabolas or hyperbolas," said Tom laconically. 
 "I think I've broken my leg ", reported Tom lamely. 
 "She even flies her own jet," Tom leered. 
 "It's a German song," Tom lied. 
 "This Bud's for you," said Tom lightly. 
 "Is it true that some animals will eat their own babies?" asked Tom literately. 
 "I have lost all my Hungarian sheet music," said Tom listlessly. 
 "Nobody has scored yet in the tennis game," said Tom lovingly. 
 "I chop down trees for a living," said Tom lumberingly. 

- M -

 "I'm just going to put these handcuffs on you," said Tom manically. 
 "It's only average," said Tom meanly. 
 "The average frequency of my voice is 160 Hz," said Tom in measured tones. 
 "I have to fix the car," said Tom mechanically. 
 "Thank you so much, Monsieur," said Tom mercifully. 
 "Perhaps I will," said Tom with all his might. 
 "The girl has been kidnapped," said Tom mistakenly. 
 "I want a motorized bicycle," Tom moped. 
 "We'll need a higher price at auction," Tom said morbidly. 
 "The sun is rising," Tom mourned. 
 "Another work week begins," said Tom mundanely. 
 "I make the armour out of chain links," Tom replied by mail. 
 "You won the bronze," said Tom meddlingly. 
 "We need more people like Ronald Reagan and Ronald McDonald," said Tom moronically. 
 "Sorry! I've accidentally pierced your cheek instead," said Tom mysteriously. 

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Tom Swifty Dictionary:    Page 1 (A-E)    Page 2 (F-M)    Page 3 (N-R)    Page 4 (S-Z)

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