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Here are some of the funniest and best anagrams ever found. They are mostly well-known amongst anagrammists.

These are short cognate anagrams, often with a humorous link between the word/phrase and its anagram.

The red numbers refer to footnotes crediting the author or publication where the anagram first appeared. Some originated in the nineteenth century.

  Mother-in-lawWoman Hitler1
  The earthquakesThat queer shake
  Debit cardBad credit2
  Slot machinesCash lost in 'em
  School masterThe classroom
  Eleven plus twoTwelve plus one3
  DormitoryDirty room4
  PunishmentNine Thumps5
  DesperationA rope ends it6
  The Morse codeHere come dots
  Snooze alarmsAlas! No more Zs7
  A decimal pointI'm a dot in place
  AstronomerMoon starer8
  Fir conesConifers
  The eyesThey see9
  Payment receivedEvery cent paid me10
  ConversationVoices rant on
  The public art galleriesLarge picture halls, I bet
  Election resultsLies – let's recount11
  Halley's CometShall yet come12
  The HurricanesThese churn air13

More anagrams here:

  1. by Henry C. Wiltbank of New York, 1936.
  2. by Mike Morton.
  3. by Melvin O. Wellman of Michigan, 1948. Has also been attributed to Martin Gardner.
  4. by Rev. Theodore Hoagland of Moscow, Idaho, 1899.
  5. printed in Farmer's Almanack, Boston, 1821.
  6. by H. H. Bailey of London, 1920.
  7. by Mark Oshin of Oregon, 1982.
  8. printed in plural form in Farmer's Almanack, Boston, 1821.
  9. by William Grossman of New York, 1896.
  10. by George B. King of Pennsylvania, 1897.
  11. by Tom Myers.
  12. by Mary C. Snyder of Springfield, Illinois, 1910.
  13. by Eric Bodin of Norfolk, Virginia, 1965.

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