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On this page you will find links to some related sites on the Internet. If you have a relevant page/site, please contact us; we're always interested in trading links. Please also contact us to report broken links.

Newsgroup alt.anagrams
Alt.anagrams is the only newsgroup dedicated to the art and fun of anagramming. The FAQ, by Larry Brash, covers all aspects of anagrams and the netiquette of alt.anagrams. You'd be well advised to take a look at the FAQ before posting to alt.anagrams.

The Anagrammy Awards
Every month the folk of alt.anagrams (see separate link) nominate their favourite anagrams in ten categories, and then vote to select the winners of The Anagrammy Awards (=What Dreamy Anagrams)! Once a year, these winners compete for the Grand Anagrammy Awards.

Larry Brash's Best Anagrams
This is Larry Brash's collection of his best postings to the alt.anagrams newsgroup. It is a large collection with some very impressive entries. There are name, spam and miscellaneous anagrams, as well as some incredible longer ones. Larry Brash maintains the alt.anagrams FAQ and is The Anagrammy Awardmaster.

Ani-Gram Animated Anagram Humor
A delightful anagram site where all the anagrams are animated, showing the letters as they transform from one phrase to another. It is updated daily with brilliant topical anagrams relating to major news items. The site is maintained by alt.anagrams regular Tom Myres.

The Anagram Page
The anagram page is great fun. Each month there is a new themed anagram quiz, and there are plenty of interactive word games with an anagram flavour.

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