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Please note that the screenshots on this page were taken from an earlier version of the Anagram Genius anagram generator software. The most recent version is very similar, but with some more advanced features. See the Anagram Genius web site for the latest information.

The Anagram Genius anagram generating process is split into four distinct stages. These are shown as four large buttons at the top of the Anagram Genius window.

Anagram software 1
Screenshot: Anagram Genius input stage

INPUT: Type in the word, name, or phrase you want to anagram. Then select from the various options which give you complete control over the types of anagrams which will be produced.
Gender: If you are searching for anagrams of a name, then select the gender of the person. Selecting female, for example, will give preference to anagrams containing words like girl or princess, over masculine words like policeman.
Emphasis: Allows you to make your anagrams flattering or satirical.
Categories: Here you can give preference to anagrams containing words particularly relevant to certain subjects.
Dictionary: Choose to disallow anagrams with dropped H's (like 'orrible) and vulgar words, if you want to ensure your anagrams turn out clean (or otherwise!). You can also select American or British spelling.
Search: Control how Anagram Genius searches for anagrams. Limit the time it takes, and the number of anagrams produced (Anagram Genius will intelligently select the best ones according to your input choices).

WORD: This stage finds all words which can be made using the letters of your input text. Each word is rated automatically by Anagram Genius, and anagrams containing several highly rated words will come out best. At the word stage you have the option to change the rating of any word. This is useful, say, if your subject is Wilfred Soames and he is a florist; it allows you to rate the word flowers highly.

Anagram software 2
Screenshot: Anagram Genius search stage

SEARCH: The actual anagram finding stage. Here anagrams will be produced, and ranked according to the settings you have selected so far in the process.

WEED: In the final part of the process Anagram Genius allows you to select your favourite anagrams. The user can manipulate the word order and punctuation as they wish before printing out a final report. There are a number of reports which can be generated, containing various combinations of the anagrams produced, and the longest single words which can be made. The latest version even allows the results to be saved in HTML format so that they can be published on the Internet without any difficulty.

Anagram software 3
Screenshot: Anagram Genius weed stage

What computer do I need?

There are versions available for Windows and Macintosh. The latest version of Anagram Genius requires Windows 95 or 98 (or later), however the previous version is still available for Windows 3.1+ users (most of the features are the same).

How do I order?

There is a variety of ordering methods.
For more information on how you can get Anagram Genius, click here.

Other Features

  • The latest version has a 150,000 word dictionary.
  • Automatic highly intelligent default punctuation and word-ordering for each anagram. This feature can be turned off if you so choose.
  • Print or save reports, word lists and anagrams. Fully featured print preview option.
  • Generate anagrams on phrases up to forty characters long, much more than any other anagram generation software.
  • Limit the number of anagrams to keep. Keep only anagrams scoring above a certain score. Limit the number of words in the found anagrams.
  • Finds all anagrams for phrases up to about 25 characters in just a few seconds.
  • Program runs in the background whilst searching for anagrams, so if you are anagramming a long sentence you can still use your computer while you wait.
  • Have several windows open simultaneously within Anagram Genius, allowing you to search for anagrams on several phrases at once.
Click here for ordering information.

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